Inzenius is a simple-to-use labour logistics solution that combines employee scheduling, timekeeping and payroll all in one system.

The integration and streamlining of scheduling to payroll processes provides organisations with control over labour scheduling management leading to dramatic cost savings and payroll processing efficiencies.

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Who needs Inzenius?

If you are an organization that needs to recruit and retain high quality employees who are required to be scheduled to specific business requirements, you need Inzenius.

If you want to improve back office efficiency whilst reducing overall labour costs, you need Inzenius.

Key benefits

The overall benefit of Inzenius is efficient labour scheduling to payroll processing and greater control over labour costs.

It also provides:

  • The ability to be configured to the business’s needs
  • Improved workflow efficiency in the scheduling to payroll functions
  • Savings in overall labour costs
  • A better match of labour costs to budgets
  • Simplification of employee schedule development
  • Efficient access to employee details
  • Effective visibility of employee competency and availability to fulfill the shift
  • Automatic calculation of payroll costs based on complex or simple award conditions
  • Accurate labour time and cost capturing to specified activities and departments
  • Integrated labour logistics across many sites and regions

Out of the box

Forget what you know about customization. Even as an “out-of-the-box” package, Inzenius is easy to install, implement and use and can be easily modified and extended cost-effectively to suit specific business processes as they change over time.

It can be dynamically integrated with the leading business databases including enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.


Inzenius can be installed on a single user computer, an individual business server or connected through the broadband network to a corporate data centre.

With the central business server model, all users, locations and processes are connected to the one database and maintenance and upgrades are simple.